And who are we? Who is behind all this?

We are a group of people who like to mix, explore, join the old with the new, the classic with the innovative. We advocate inter-cooperation as an answer to many of the problems of  economy and innovation. We believe in collective intelligence as an engine to change and in the sum of people to advance society in the current environmental, social and community challenges.


Contribute to society from our strengths, enjoying, exploring, growing and conciliating while we advise initiatives that are committed to a transformative economy and we intercooperate to strengthen and broaden the social and community fabric of the territory.


We believe in a world where collective initiatives are strong and become the backbone of a dignified community society, where the economy is at the service of people.


Adaptability / Critical Sense / Community / Dignity / Collaboration / Social Transformation / Social Ecology / Positive Impact / Awareness / Creativity / Joy


Bea Sánchez

Economist of the social economy, person of money, budgets and planning in cooperatives and international cooperation. Extensive career from advising microcredit groups in Ecuador to Social Economy consultant in Barcelona Activa, past coordinator of European projects and areas of economy and finance in different cooperatives and associations in Barcelona.


I believe in the alchemy of diverse intelligences and abilities, in the pedagogy of numbers, in finding tools and views that make it easier for us to grow on a day-to-day basis and at the same time look at the horizon and in Excels when they serve to understand something. …

Oriol Gibert

Economist specialized in advising entrepreneurial people and groups in the Social and Solidarity Economy. Trained both in Social Policies and Community Action (IGOP) and in International Business Management (MBA- UIMP).


He has experience in the conceptualization, coordination, implementation and evaluation of impact and social transformation projects, both locally and internationally, working for institutions such as the Barcelona City Council, the Government of Spain and other international organizations.


I believe in the strength of people to co-create together and transform society through cooperation and mutual learning.

Joana Martínez Mora (collaborator)

Group and team facilitator. Through music, coaching and process work. Most of my professional background has been in the world of organizations. I have suffered, loved, and hated them. Three years ago I set up Ressonant, a project that aspires to contribute to humanize leadership, bringing us closer to the organizational culture to improve relationships with ourselves and with others.